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Is your accent holding you back? With L2 Accent you can turn your English pronunciation from a weakness into a strength.


Improve your:

  • Stress and Rhythm
  • Intonation
  • Speech Sound Features


Give your professional goals a boost through greater speech accuracy and clarity.  Let your clients and colleagues recognize the value of your ideas.  Be a better communicator.  Be understood!

What is L2?

Patrick Byrne, Msc, RSLP

With a Danish mother and English father, Patrick is no stranger to accents. And as an avid language learner, he knows firsthand the challenges of speaking a second language. He is an experienced speech-language pathologist with an extensive background in helping people communicate better.




A BC-based company with clients worldwide, L2 Accent helps clients speak with greater clarity and accuracy so that they can reach their professional and personal goals. Courses are provided individually or in small groups at L2’s downtown Vancouver clinic, in the workplace, or by video streaming.





  •  Want to focus on the task at hand, not talk about their background life history?
  • Want people to listen to the content of language rather than the mechanics of their speech?
  • Want to feel more confident?





L2 Blog


“My success would not be possible without you.”

Dr. Lilian Shyman
Physician, St. Paul’s Hospital

“This is the best English course I’ve ever had.”

Rikki Wu
Voice-Over Actor

“The program identified my issues and corrected them one at a time.”

Farnam Mohasseb
Mortgage Broker

“I now feel much less stress when speaking than before.”

Hideaki Kasai

MBA, M.Eng


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l2 accent - accreditation


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