Accent Reduction Books

L2 Speak Clearer Book:

The complete course for accent reduction in one easy-to-use place is both concise and effective. In this book we cover :
  • the most common problematic areas for consonants and vowels
  • speaking essentials such as how to pronounce past tense endings, contractions, and the common problem of using "the".
  • the stress and rhythm of the English language

L2 Writing Made Simple

A handy easy to use reference guide for all your writing needs. In this book we cover :
  • problematic grammar structures
  • methods of improvement
  • simplified rules for useage

L2 Consonant and Vowel Book:

A useful guide to practice trouble vowel and consonant sounds. In this book we cover :
  • minimal pairs
  • reduction of function words
  • other problematic sounds

L2 Audio:

L2 Audio
The audio files that compliment our Speak Clearer Accent Reduction Training Book will provide the necessary model speech to make practicing convenient and effective.
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